Compact Robots at RobotWorx

Compact robots can offer companies an option to tackle large amounts of work at greatly reduced footprints. RobotWorx offers a variety of compact options that can fit into tight work spaces yet offering great benefits and zero compromise of capability.

Compact Robots at RobotWorx


Good things come in small packages. Compact robots fit into small work spaces, and are just as flexible and productive as their larger counterparts. One of the obvious benefits of compact robots are their greatly reduced footprints.

Dimensions of compact robots are far smaller than conventional robot cells. This enables the machines to fit easily even into the smallest factory space and integrate with other equipment. With outstanding flexibility, compact robots are designed to complete big jobs in small spaces. Compact robots offer excellent reliability for constant operation, as they are constructed with minimal moving parts. Capability is not compromised because of size.

Compact robots generally offer slim body design, as well as compact wrist design to enable greater motion and less mechanical restrictions than comparable larger-sized robots. Superior servo controls enable high-speed motion control for smooth and precise operations.

Although they are small, compact robots are still valuable to many industries. One industry in particular that has benefited from compact six-axis robots is the cosmetics industry. Compact robots easily handle small, delicate items, and makeup production and packaging efficiency soared with the help of compact automation.

Fanuc offers several compact robots and controllers, notably the M-710iC series and the M-1ia. KUKA’s compact robots, both – and 6-axis models, utilize the PC-based control platform KRC. Motoman developed the HP3 and MH6 high-speed compact robot arms as well as compact welding systems.

As the footprints get smaller, quality and efficiency is not sacrificed with these compact options. RobotWorx offers a large variety of compact robots at a reduced price. New or used, we can fully integrate a robot into your facility. Contact us today for a free price quote, online or at 877-762-6881.