High Speeds and Flexibility Provided by the Motoman UP6


Strength, Speed, Compact Design, Versatility:

The Motoman UP6 can perform in nearly any context and offers the ability to switch between any automation project.  It provides amazing strength, speed, and versatility, as it conquers a variety of applications from welding, material removal, to material handling.  The overall productivity of your automation line will be increased as collision avoidance is provided, enabling two or three robots to work in conjunction with each other.

In addition, the UP6 is designed to produce high-speeds with a compact design. This is beneficial as it takes up minimal installation space on factory floors. The slim base and arm design offer superior performance and improves part accessibility as it works in close proximity to parts and tooling fixtures. 

Large Work Envelope:

The UP6 also has one of the largest work envelopes in its class, at 1,373mm.  Its ability to provide such range is provided by the network of robotic parts that work as a team to run the UP-6. These parts are the AC servo motors, the internal wiring, the limit switch set, the wrist unit, and the R-axis driving unit.

Controller Options and Available Workcells:

The UP6 runs with a XRC or a NIX100 controller.  The XRC controller is able to produce the desired speeds while also offering simple and accurate programming tools with built in programming functions such as timers, palletizing patterns, and search functions. It contains factory-proven, advanced 32-bit RISC distributed architecture and digital servo drives that deliver higher performance than Pentium-based controllers.

The NX100 controller is revolutionary as it features a Windows CE programming pendant with color touch screen, high-speed processing, unmatched memory (60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions), built-in Ethernet, and a robust PC architecture. In addition, has a patented multiple robot control capability (up to FOUR robots with one pendant) and features four levels of password protection for up to 100 individual users.

Also, RobotWorx normally outfits its customized robotic workcells, the RW1450 and RW2450, with the UP6 models.

Versatility in Action:

Watch the Motoman UP6 as it expertly conquers arc welding in the video, below. 

Successful RobotWorx Projects:

Take a look at a few of our project summaries, as well, that give an in-depth look at how RobotWorx has already helped bring countless customers much benefit with the Motoman UP6! Here you can read about how a UP6 helped tackle a CMT welding exhaust job for motorcycles.  Here you can also read about how RobotWorx custom designed an Arcworld 6200 workcell with two UP6s to increase the quality of a MIG welding job. 

We can truly attest to the benefits of the UP6. We have had multiple happy customers experience the benefit of working and buying with RobotWorx, one customer reported: “We just purchased our  2nd robotic Welding system from Robotworx. We bought our first system in 2008  and, in terms of labor savings and improved product quality, it started paying  off the first day we installed it. We looked around for months at different  robot system manufacturers and we couldn’t beat the combination of Price,  Quality, and Service that Robotworx offers. We had such a good experience with  our first system from Robotworx that it was a “no-brainer” to buy our second  system from them as well – we literally didn’t consider anyone else. We are in  the process of setting it up now.”

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Be our next success story! If you are looking for an automation system that offers efficiency, flexibility, and high speed performance then the Motoman UP6 robotic system is for you! You can round out your manufacturing process and bring excellent capability and versatility; it is the perfect solution for any job that requires fast speeds and pinpoint accuracy. We are certified integrators for Motoman and have access to the entire Motoman catalogue for any parts you may need. For more information on the robots and parts available through RobotWorx, contact experts today online or at 740-251-4312.

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