Lean Manufacturing with the Motoman ArcWorld V6000 Welding Cell

The Motoman ArcWorld V6000 Welding Cell will make your manufacturing process leaner and improve the overall productivity of your facility. This ArcWorld V6000 will decrease the amount of waste and time on the production line, reducing the number of steps involved. Also, the robots take up less space on the production floor. Overall the Motoman ArcWold V6000 will bring greater speeds and quality on the manufacturing line.

Lean Manufacturing with the Motoman ArcWorld V6000 Welding Cell

Motoman ArcWorld V6000 workcell

There are many reasons to invest in a Motoman ArcWorld welding cell. They are fast, efficient, and produce a high quality weld. But, did you know that when you invest in an ArcWorld cell, like the ArcWorld V-6000 cell, you are also investing in a welding cell that is able to improve the productivity of your facility, while making your manufacturing process leaner.

Lean manufacturing is the process of cutting waste or wasted time out of a production line. When people put lean manufacturing practices into place in their facilities, workers are able to finish tasks more quickly, taking out some of the unnecessary steps that were once involved. The ArcWorld V6000 from Motoman is a pre-engineered welding work cell that does just that. The robots are ceiling mounted on a structure separate from the rest of the work cell, which takes up 35 percent less space, according to Motoman. This configuration allows for easier manual loading and unloading, while also allowing floor space for automated loading and unloading robots, making the process even more efficient.

The standard ArcWorld V-6000 uses a MRM2-1200M3X part positioner, which can support a 1,200kg payload and has a 3.25-second index time that allows for high-volume production. This massive ArcWorld V6000 positioner is able to handle parts up to 3,000mm long and 1,300mm in diameter, making it a great system for customers needing a large part welding system. This positioner has three servo motor drives that are able to index parts as they are switching stations, which cuts down on cycle times. The ends of the positioner support the overhead beam that holds the robots in place, and customers have the option of investing in slip rings for the signal, air, or hydraulics of the positioner to give the AWV-6000 continuous rotation capabilities.

Welding with an Arc World V-6000 is going to help your lean manufacturing principles through sheer time spent welding. The welding cell can support MA1900T, MA1400T, MH6, HP20D-6, and HP20D robots from Motoman, giving manufacturers a lot of versatility when customizing the system. The ArcWorld V-6000 can support up to four MA1400T robots, the world’s fastest welding robot, which is able to move at a speed that will cut cycle times by up to 15 percent. The AWV6000 also has alternatives to the MA1400T – two MA1900T robots, up to three MH6 robots, two HP20D robots, or two HP20D-6 robots for welding applications.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, lean, and quality welding solution for your facility, the AWV6000 may be the way to go! Are you interested in learning more about ArcWorld V6000 from Motoman Robotics? Then you should give RobotWorx a call. RobotWorx is a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics, and our staff will help you to find the best robotic system for your facility. For more information, contact RobotWorx today online or at 740-251-4312.

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