Motoman UP130 Gets the Heavy Duty Job Done

The Motoman UP130 brings its high speeds and power to assembly, packaging, palletizing, grinding, polishing, bonding, sealing, and cutting applications across the globe. The UP130 by Motoman helps save manufacturers time and money as they reduce waste while also maximizing functionality and flexibility. The Motoman UP130 is also a very streamlined 6-axis robot helping to save floor space.

Motoman UP130 Gets the Heavy Duty Job Done

Motoman UP130 Robot

The Motoman UP130 is a high-speed, robust robot that includes advanced Sigma motors to help provide a powerful, slim design. This 6-axis robot provides unmatched flexibility through the combination of a heavy-duty body and Motoman's multiple robot controller.

This arrangement makes the UP130 perfectly suited for a variety of applications and sets the standard for versatility. The Motoman UP130 can achieve maximum performance and excellent product quality through any and all of these application processes: assembly, packaging, palletizing, grinding, polishing, bonding and sealing, cutting, deburring, painting, machine tending, and spot welding.

This ultimately works in the manufactures favor, saving them time and money, as they can maximize functionality and flexibility, without buying multiple robots. The Motoman UP130 also helps to streamline the production process and is the perfect solution to all industrial applications.

Additionally, the UP130 has an excellent work envelope (reaches horizontally 2,650mm) with the added benefit and ability to reach behind the robot body. This is an advantage as tools can be placed at the back of the robot giving easy access to weld guns for maintenance.

If the standard Motoman UP130 is not perfect for you, check out these other options available in the series. The Motoman UP130R is the shelf-mount version of the UP130. The UP 130R NX100 has an IP wrist rating of 67, meaning that it is dust-tight and is protected against water submersion to 1m for 30 minutes.

There is also the Motoman UP130S available, which is a short arm variant. With a more compact footprint, the UP 130S XRC is ideal for situations with limited floor space.

Finally, the Motoman UP130T is the overhead mount version that offers an IP rating of 1 meter for the wrist.

All of the UP130 robots are paired with Motoman's patented XRC multiple robot controller and can have application specific software, which allows the robot to be used as a 6-axis part positioner to achieve unmatched flexibility.

Overall, the UP130 series is able to maximize productivity while saving you costs and offering the best ROI. At RobotWorx, we strive to answer our customer’s needs with well-thought out ideas for robots or workcells. We want our customer’s to feel happy and confident in their new purchase, so we offer the RobotWorx Value Package. Contact us online or call us today at 740-251-4312 to place an order for a Motoman UP130.

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