18 ABB Robots in Terminator Salvation


Forget Christian Bale - the real stars in Terminator Salvation were 18 ABB industrial robots!

These burly 6-axis robots - twelve ABB IRB 6620 and six ABB IRB 1600 robots - were shown building Cyborgs towards the end of the blockbuster. According to a recent ABB press release, these particular ABB models were singled out by the product placement company for their tough industrial look.

Learn about the industrial robots in Terminator Salvation:

The ABB IRB 1600 robot has a relatively lightweight 6kg payload capacity, and a 1.2m horizontal reach. When it comes to installation, the ABB IRB 1600 is very flexible. It can be mounted from the floor, wall, inverted, or even attached at an angle!

This robot is typically found performing one of the following industrial jobs: arc welding, machine tending, assembling, pick and place.

The much beefier ABB IRB 6620 robot is capable of a 150kg payload and a 2.2m horizontal reach. Ideal for spot welding and machine tending, the ABB IRB 6620, like the IRB 1600 is very flexible.

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