Packing Robots Offer Flexibility, Precision


Necessity is the mother of invention and in response to packing automation challenges, robot manufacturers have created a wide variety of packing robot solutions.

Packing applications require smart, flexible, and precise robots. Packaging materials and product shapes are always changing. Packing jobs range from inspecting, case coding, and reading barcodes, to sorting, labeling, and pick and placing items. Find out about the diversity of packing robots available.

Delta-Style Packing Robots: 
FANUC delta-style robots lend themselves to packing applications in part because they are so precise and quick, but also because they are extremely flexible. Designed with multiple flexible legs connected to a central tooling plate, delta-style robots provide a unique automation solution. 

The FANUC M-1iA and M-3iA delta robots are used in a number of different industries (pharmaceutical, food, electronics, etc.). They offer reliable, speedy solutions for sorting items (especially small items) and placing items in packaging. Vision software and hardware allow for product identification, orientation, and inspection features.

 Dual-Arm Packing Robots:
In addition to delta-style packing robot solutions, there are also dual-arm packing robots. Motoman's dual arm robot series is extremely well-suited for packing applications. Dual-arm robots are extremely precise and dexterous, offering human-like assembly capabilities. The arms can be programmed to work collaboratively or separately. The MotomanSDA5DSDA10D and SDA20D can be outfitted with a variety of different tooling options, making them even more packing-friendly.

Other Packing Robots: 
In addition to these unusual packing robots, there are more traditional robot styles specifically engineered to satisfy packing application needs. Motoman's MPK2 and MPK50 provide robust, sturdy solutions with five and four axes respectively. From FANUC, smaller articulated arms such as the LRMate 200iC as well as the M-10iA and M-20iAmodels provide excellent packing answers.

Manufacturers looking to automate packing applications have a lot of robot styles and models to chose from. Call RobotWorx for more information and pricing on packing robots: 740-251-4312 or online.

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