Automating with used ABB robots

When you are considering automating your production facility, look no further than new or used ABB robots. In order to find the perfect robot, it will help to figure out your specific application's needs and then how the robot will perform the application. Once the process has been thought through and then integrated, an ABB robot will provide you with increased speeds and flexibility.

Automating with used ABB robots


Automation with industrial robots is becoming the standard in industrial manufacturing today. One of the top companies, ABB Robotics, has new and used robots that factories can use to automate their processes.

Several different markets utilize ABB used robot automation on their production lines and for end-of-line applications. These markets include aluminum processing, automotive, construction, chemical, energy, food and beverage, marine, metal, mining, oil and gas and water, along with dozens of others. In each industry, automating with used ABB robots can improve the overall productivity of the facility, as well as save the manufacturer time and money in the process.

To be successful with the automation of used ABB robots in your facility, you need to have a good plan going in. That means sitting down and figuring out what applications you wish to automate, and then figuring out the way a robot may move performing that application, as opposed to a human worker. Sometimes, manufacturers have to reimagine their application process from beginning to end for integration to make sense. But, once the planning is done, used ABB robotic automation will give your line the speed and flexibility that you didn’t know you were always missing.

So, what applications can used ABB robot automate? There are dozens of options, including arc welding, spot welding,assembly, dispensing, painting and coating, bonding and sealing, grinding, drilling, polishing, packaging and palletizing. Almost any tedious, dull job on a production line, as well as jobs that can cause humans injury, can be automated with ABB used robot systems. This not only increases the quality of production, but also decreases downtime and increases morale among workers, who can have their skills better utilized.

It sounds like a lot of planning, doesn’t it? Well, that’s why companies like RobotWorx are here to help you in every step of the planning and implementation of your used ABB robot automation. RobotWorx provides solutions from ABB Robotics. Because of this partnership, our company has access to hundreds of new and used ABB robots, as well as parts and features.

For more information on how RobotWorx can help you automate a used ABB robot system, contact us online or at 877-762-6881.