Benefits of Fanuc Robots

Fanuc is an industry leader in the automation field, bringing robotic solutions that reduce labor costs, decrease cycle times, and produce less waste. Fanuc robots can also work in a wide variety of fields such as arc welding, painting, palletizing, and product handling.

Benefits of Fanuc Robots


Automating industrial production with robots brings obvious benefits. Reduced labor costs, lower part-cycle times, less wasted material, and better quality control make robotic manufacturing highly desirable. Once the choice to automate is made, the line of industrial robots from Fanuc Robotics offers industry-leading features, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

The benefits of Fanuc robots are apparent in a wide variety of industrial applications such as arc welding, painting, palletizing, and product handling. Arc welding robots like Fanuc’s ARC Mate 100iC welding robots combine industry-leading payload, accuracy, and range-of-motion in an incredibly compact package. This allows the benefits of robotic welding to be realized in less space, further reducing overhead cost and increasing efficiency.

Fanuc robots also offer huge benefits in painting applications. Cutting edge robots like the P250iA bring the accuracy and speed of robots to any size of painting application, from small appliances to large automotive parts. Fanuc’s painting robots are also compatible with iRVision, an advanced robot vision technology. Robots equipped with vision technology achieve a much higher level of flexibility by allowing different sizes and shapes of parts to be painted on the same line by the same robot. This eliminates the need to stop the line for reprogramming or re-tooling since the Fanuc painting robot equipped with iRVision can see each individual part and adjust itself automatically.

One crucial benefit of Fanuc robots is their advanced software that allows numerous robots to work together in the same tight space. Software from Fanuc like Collision Guard has proven itself by allowing several different robot models to not just avoid running into each other, but to work in concert. Such robot cooperation is evident in the case of Mennie’s Machine Company, Inc. This key benefit of Fanuc robots reduces the amount of space required, therefore cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

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