Buying a cost effective robot

There is no doubt that integrating a robotic system onto your production line will be a cost-effective solution for your production line. If you are considering automating your production line, it is important to consider your budget and the specific needs of your production line before deciding on the type of robotic system to purchase. RobotWorx experts are ready to listen to your needs and help decide on the perfect system for you.

Buying a cost effective robot


The bottom line: using robots for manufacturing applications is cost-effective. Robots offer innovating and cost-effective solutions compared to manual processes or hard automation.

KUKA understands that to stay competitive within the industry, customers need to automate to reduce costs and improve quality. Their priority is robots, and they maintain that robotics is the most flexible and cost-effective solution for automation. Robots can be used in simple material handling applications to complex assembly systems.

Fanuc has a team of engineers dedicated to developing integral robotic vision products. These vision products provide a level of cost-effectiveness, performance, and reliability that a third-party solution cannot match. iRVision is installed in Fanuc robots and acts as their eyes. The LR Mate 200iC robot can error proof with the help of vision guidance. The R-200iB is an expert at bin picking, while the M-430iA can pick and place. The M-410iB specializes in palletizing operations. The ARC Mate 0iA is the ideal solution for cost-effective welding of small parts. All of these cost-effective robots save the user both money and time while increasing quality in their operations.

In collaboration with Fanuc, Lincoln Electric introduced a cost-efficient robotic welding solution. The ARC Mate 0iA robot is used in conjunction with Lincoln’s Power Wave R350 power source. This simplified robot enables high-speed, quality welds while promoting cost efficiency.

Motoman offers more than 40 fully integrated, pre-engineered World work cell solutions that include robots, process equipment, and safety equipment. World work cell solutions are cost-effective and can meet most manufacturing requirements. They are easy to set up and operate while lowering costs.

ABB Robotics is another leading industrial robot manufacturer, with over 200,000 robots installed worldwide. ABB Robotics focuses on creating high quality robots to increase production, safety, and reliability. With their diverse collection of robots, you are sure to find one to fit your specific application requirements.

The role of robotics in the manufacturing of aerospace products is steadily increasing. The largest use of robots in the aerospace industry is for drilling holes into components. Robots can drill thousands of holes into the fuselage quickly and consistently, which would be impossible for a human to do. Tooling costs are reduced when robots are used for drilling, since expensive tooling like jigs and fixtures do not need to be purchased when a robot completes the tasks. Further, robots can drill a hole in a single pass, while manual drilling could take up to four operations, saving both time and money. Since the demand for aircraft is rising significantly, the most cost-effective way the aerospace industry can increase production is through robotics.

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