Conquering a Multitude of Jobs with the Motoman HP50 Series

​The integration of the Motoman HP50 series can handle a wide range of applications including material handling, material removal, bonding/sealing, fiberglass cutting, foundry, assembly, and cutting. The Motoman HP50 brings six axes of performance, up to a 50 kg in payload, and a sleek body requiring minimal installation space. Contact RobotWorx representatives today to get started with your installation process.

Conquering a Multitude of Jobs with the Motoman HP50 Series

There is no denying that an integration of any Motoman robot will save you time and money. The Motoman HP50 series, in particular, will be one you don't want to miss! There isn't a job these robots cannot tackle; from material handling to assembling and cutting, there is a wide range of solutions available for practically every application, in almost every payload and reach necessary!

The following robots are amazing options to choose from, depending on your application needs. Keep reading below to find out which one is perfect for you!

Yaskawa Motoman HP50 Robot

The Motoman HP50

The standard Motoman HP50 is a six-axis robot that can handle a payload of up to 50 kg while offering superior performance in a multitude of applications such as machine tending, dispensing, handling, material removal, bonding/sealing, cutting, fiberglass cutting, foundry, machine tending, meat processing automation, pick and place, and plasma cutting.

The HP50 robot body is sleek, high-speed, and requires minimal installation space. The design and streamlined body help to save floor space as it can be placed close to machines for the loading and unloading of parts. In addition, it contains advanced Sigma motors that give it smooth, swift motion on demand.

NX100 Controller:

For easy, smooth, and advanced operations, the Motoman HP50 and all of the robots in the series listed below, will be paired with the NX100controller. The NX100 controller has a very user-friendly Windows interface, allowing manufacturers to train programmers quickly and get their robot up and running ASAP. This controller also has fast processing and unmatched multiple robot control capability with up to four robots. This ultimately helps to decrease integration costs and also potentially reduce robot collisions.

Safety is a huge value with the NX100 as there are four security levels of password protection, controller changes are logged and restricted access to the production programs. It also offers unmatched connectivity through standard Ethernet and other network options.

This is just the beginning of the success for your production line. If the Motoman HP50 doesn't quite meet your needs, check out the other robots in the series that have the same benefits with slightly different specs to best accommodate a wide variety of needs.

The Motoman HP50-20

The Motoman HP50-20 is also a dynamic, high-speed robot and it can handle up to a 20kg payload with an extended reach. The vertical reach is 5585mm and the horizontal reach is 3106 mm; these great lengths help it more easily tackle and process large parts. It's specs offer superior performance in arc welding, coating, dispensing, and material cutting applications. In many cell layouts, the HP 50-20 NX100 robot has an extended reach which eliminates the need for external axis tracks. This reduces the system cost and simplifies programming.

The Motoman HP50-35

The Motoman HP50-35 is a versatile robot that can work with up to 35 kg and features the widest working envelope in its class. It has a horizontal reach of 2525mm and has the same streamlined body as the standard Motoman HP50 which allows it to be placed close to machines for the loading and unloading of parts. A special variant, the Motoman HP50-35XP NX100, is designed specifically for the rigors of die casting applications.

The Motoman HP50-35R

The Motoman HP50-35R is the shelf mounted version of the HP50-35 NX100. It features a 35kg payload and large working envelope (vertical: 4652 mm and horizontal 2700 mm). Just like the other robots listed, the high speed yet slim design of the HP-50-35R makes it a perfect candidate for smaller work spaces. This robot can be placed close to other existing systems, and it can also reach into compact or hard to reach areas during the application process, if necessary.

The Motoman HP50-80

The Motoman HP50-80 NX100 takes productivity to the next level. It has one of the widest work envelopes and payloads (up to 80 kg) in its class, making the HP50-80 versatile enough to integrate almost any shop. The swift motion from the Sigma motors, enable the HP50-80 to maintain a high rate of accuracy during operation, which improves the overall quality and productivity during the application process.

Superior performance is at your fingertips and we are ready to help bring it to your production line. Call us today at 750-240-4312, or contact us online, so we can discuss how you are going to improve your automation line with one of the robots from the Motoman HP50 series today. Every robotic system comes with the RobotWorx Value Package.

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