FANUC Collaborative Robots: The Mini Series

FANUC now offers a collaborative mini-series with the CR-4iA, the CR-7iA, and the CR-7iA/L extended reach. Collaborative robots can work side by side with human workers without the need for any safety fencing. Furthermore, they are small and flexible, saving you on floor space and money. Contact RobotWorx experts today to start the integration of a FANUC collaborative robot from the mini series.

FANUC Collaborative Robots: The Mini Series

FANUC Cobot series

FANUC’s collaborative robot series includes the heavy-duty CR-35iA and has recently introduced human arm sized mini-collaborative robots: the CR-4iA, the CR-7iA, and the extended reach, the CR-7iA/L. They are small and flexible robots that are able to help conserve floor space with flexible mounting options such as up-side down, on a wall, or even on a hand cart that can easily be relocated. The three mini-series robots have 6-axes and can reach a maximum speed of 500 mm/s as they work by a human’s side with the same pace and dexterity as a human.


  • The CR-4iA has a 550 mm reach, 4 kg payload, and weighs 48 kg without controller
  • The CR-7iA has a 717 mm reach, 7 kg payload, and weighs 53 kg without controller
  • The extended reach, CR-7iA/L has a 911 mm reach, 7 kg payload, and weighs 55 kg without controller

This collaborative mini-series excels at completing tedious and repetitive tasks and can be programmed to perform entire production flows. They were all designed with the same high reliability based on the proven LR Mate models. These robots can operate in a wide range of industries such as the automotive, packaging, distribution, and metalworking industries. They are flexible and can work directly next to a human as they conquer a variety of tasks such as material handling, machine tending, palletizing, part assembly, and/or pick and place.

The beauty of collaborative robots enables the robots and humans to work in close proximity without safety fences. These collaborative features are beneficial as they enable robots and humans to work together without all of the safety guards and barriers, which improves overall application functionality, while also cutting down on the amount of space necessary for a robotic unit.

Set-up and programming are a breeze as these robots use the proven technology and the standard FANUC interface. Additionally, these robots are compatible with all of the latest, existing intelligence and reliability functions. It can include a variety of options based on your needs such as iRVision or specific force sensors to enable a high degree of precision, object recognition, and accuracy.

The smart sensor technology enables each robot to come to a stop whenever it touches a human operator. Also, the human worker can simply adjust or move the robot by applying pressure. The proven sensor technology that was integrated means that safety barriers, such as fences, are not required, further reducing your overall manufacturing costs. Safety was of utmost importance when these robots were designed.

Overall, the FANUC cobot series helps to increase productivity while facilitating tedious, monotonous, back-breaking tasks. These robots are able to free workers from the mindless tasks and allow an increased focus on more diversified, skilled, or complex jobs. If you are interested in learning more about the FANUC collaborative line then give contact RobotWorx online at 740-251-4312.

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