Increase routing quality with robots

When your routing manufacturing line is seeking enhanced performance, look no further than automation. Robots are able to removal material from a work piece effectively and efficiently, ensuring a very quick and efficient routing process. Routing robots can also be adapted to a variety of needs with the flexible EOAT options that are available.

Increase routing quality with robots


When a manufacturer chooses to automate a routing application, his productivity will increase will precision and accuracy will increase. The routing process removes material from a work piece, for either uniformity or aesthetic purposes. Robotic routing ensures a quick and efficient routing process.

Routing robots have flexible end-of-arm tooling, which allows the robots to perform many material removal applications. The Open Gantry Concept is designed to offer a multi-modular option for routing and other cutting processes. This concept uses robots installed in a gantry configuration to provide optimum reach-ability.

KUKA prides itself on its robot routing systems that remove material to create a uniform work piece acceptable for manufacturing. The KR 60 HA, one of the models in the KUKA routing robots line, has a payload of 60kg with a reach of 2033mm. It is designed for high levels of precision, and is ideal for intricate applications. The other models in the routing robots line from KUKA are the KR 100 HA, the KR 3, and the KR 30 HA.

KUKA partnered with Encobotics Inc. to create a plastics routing cell. KUKA KR 6 models are 6-axis robots that combine with quick change tooling to make up the Robo-Router cell. The Robo-Router reduces costs, scrap rates, and employee injuries for companies cutting plastics or wood.

Another partnership between Fanuc and KMT Robotic Solutions has enabled both companies to enhance their products. Fanuc robots are used in all routing and drilling applications for plastic, composite, and soft-trim products in the Americas.

Fanuc’s routing robot line consists of the R-2000iA with a payload of 165 kg and a reach of 2650 mm, along with the LR Mate 100iB, LR Mate 200iC, M-10iA, and M-710iC. All of these models will increase product quality. The M-900iA/260L robot arm can perform various routing patterns on both plastic and foam material with its extended reach of 3100mm. Its spindle can reach 12000 RPM.

Routing robots increase quality and speed of applications while decreasing cost and hazardous working conditions. is a certified integrator of Fanuc, KUKA, Universal Robots, Motoman and ABB robots. Contact us today for help integrating the best one to fit your needs; online or at 877-762-6881.