Kawasaki remain competitive in the industrial robot world

​Kawasaki Robotics’ is able to provide users with turnkey systems to make integration faster and easier. They are also proud to offer around-the-clock production support, field service, and programming.

Kawasaki remain competitive in the industrial robot world


Kawasaki Robotics’ is a leading supplier of industrial robots and automation systems serving a wide range of industries and applications. Their robot payloads range from 3 kg to 700 kg, and Kawasaki considers each customer carefully and individually while developing systems to address their needs. If necessary, Kawasaki can design, assemble, test, and run off an entire turnkey system from concept to implementation.

Offering around-the-clock production support, field service and programming, and maintenance programs, Kawasaki ensures that the customer is never alone to figure out their robotic system.

Kawasaki offers a variety of robots suitable for certain applications, and these robots are categorized into “series.” The R-Series of light to medium-duty robots are typically used for arc welding, dispensing, sealing, material handling and removal, machine tending, assembly, inspection, and packaging. The R-Series offers a new lightweight arm combined with high-output high-revolution motors ensures high-speed operation. The rotation range of each axis has been increased, translating to a larger usable work area. Built-in pneumatic lines and internal wiring are standard.

The F-Series are suitable for similar applications as the R-Series. The F-Series is comprised of 15 different models, most of which are available in a clean room version.

The Z-Series is ideal for fabrication, press tending, sealing, and spot welding. These 6-axis heavy-duty robots use advanced technology for a robust low-maintenance design. Production line efficiency in automotive applications can be contributed to the Z-Series.

The M-Series, high wrist torque robots, are powerful with payload capacities up to 700 kg. Payloads are fully manipulated at high speeds due to the wrist, and this series of robots are the first to utilize an advanced link design, eliminating the need for a bulky counterbalance.

Kawasaki’s Palletizer Series has industry-leading reach, speed, and payload, and can handle any palletizing application. The programming language ensures easy and flexible set-up and programming.

The K-Series of painting robots is designed to be simple and friendly. Seven models are available, each explosion-proof and suitable for any painting application.

Finally, the Y-Series robot is an ultra-high speed delta robot with a unique design. This series boasts quality and reliability, and is simple to program and operate.

Kawasaki places an emphasis on customer service, but also strives to provide future engineers with a bright start. $4.5 million worth of Kawasaki robots were recently donated to SPSU’s fast-growing Mechatronics Engineering program.

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