Milling the Mold – Milling Robots

Manufacturers are quickly realizing that robotic milling can stretch far beyond metal to work with softer materials. Robotic milling works well with plastics and other soft materials that need to meet precise company standards. If you are looking to improve your production line with increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, look no further than a robotic milling system.

Milling the Mold – Milling Robots


While many once thought that industrial robots were only applicable to metal fabrications and welding applications, manufacturers are now realizing that robot applications can stretch far beyond metal to work with softer materials like plastics and fiberglass. Milling is one of the many robotic applications that works well with plastics and other materials to ensure that products meet company standards before being shipped out to customers.

Milling is one of several material removal applications that has been automated with robotics over the past few decades. Manufacturers can use milling robots to remove pieces off of work pieces and molds used to make those work pieces. Like its cousin the grinding robot, which works mostly with metals, the milling robot works to improve the aesthetic nature and functionality of a mold. Removing too much material from a mold would cause it to be damaged or wasted, while also possibly impacting the parts it is molding. While these worker errors were a problem in the past, this is no longer a major issue with the implementation of milling robotics.

The speed and precision that a milling robot can bring to a production line is unmatched by its manual counterparts. Robotic milling has such precision that it can even be used for something as precise and fragile as sculpting stone or other materials, where even the smallest error can end a piece. That level of precision only improves the quality of the overall product, which, in turn, makes the customers and the companies happy.

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