Painting, Machining and Finishing in Toledo, OH

Automating your painting, machining, and finishing process will help to increase the quality of your work. Painting robots will help to save your manufacturing line money by reducing labor costs and waste.

Painting, Machining and Finishing in Toledo, OH


With its back up against the state of Michigan, another industrial state, Toledo, Ohio continues to carry on the long tradition of manufacturing that has been going on in Northern Ohio for over a century. In the last few decades, these companies have begun turning to industrial robotics to further expand and improve their production and services.

In many places, it is all about the coating. That is what you will find at Electro Prime. This Toledo, OH company specializes in powder and electro coating that protects metal surfaces from corroding over time. A company like Electro Prime can benefit from robotic automation during their coating processes. Robotic coating is more precise than manual coating processes, and delivers a clean, complete coating that uses less coating material. This saves companies money in the long run, not only on labor, but also on production materials.

Another company in Toledo, Deco Tools Inc., is another example of a company that can benefit from robotic automation. This company also specializes in coating and painting for metal parts and fixtures. They apply shielding, resistant, clear or color finishes to parts to improve the aesthetic nature, as well as prevent corrosion. Companies like this can benefit from all the advantages listed above, but also can improve the health of their workers by taking them away from the noxious fumes that are produced by these paints and coatings.

But, coating is not the only finishing application in robotics. Companies like Lockrey Manufacturing can use robots to machine parts, creating designs on sheet metal and other parts, as well as using them to finish their parts through sanding, deburring, and grinding, which get rid of any imperfections on the metal. Also, metal working industrial companies can use robots to polish metal pieces to give them a better aesthetic appeal without the use of coatings.

If you are a company in the Toledo area that is looking to automate your facility, look no further than RobotWorx in Marion, Ohio. RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, Universal Robots, and KUKA robotics companies, has access to hundreds of robot models through our partnerships. Our company will work with you to design the perfect system for your facility.

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