The ABB IRB 140

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile robot for a wide range of applications, look no further than the ABB IRB 140. This is a 6-axis robot that can tackle up to 6 kg in payload. The IRB 140 can handle applications such as arc welding, assembly, cleaning, spraying, machine tending, material handling, packing, and deburring.

The ABB IRB 140


The ABB IRB 140 is a reliable and versatile robot that can perform applications from almost any category, all while being a compact, fast robot. The IRB 140 is a 6-axis industrial robot that handles a payload of 6kg, a reach of 810mm (to axis 5), and outstanding position repeatability of ± 0.03mm. This robot is a great reflection of all of the handwork and dedication that ABB has put into the industrial robotic business for the past forty years. They have truly developed their robotic versatility, which is why their IRB 140 robot is so well rounded and versatile. It can expertly handle arc welding, assembly, cleaning, spraying, machine tending, material handling, packing, and deburring.

Watch it beautifully handle cake decorating in the video above!

This powerful robot is not only versatile with its applications, it is also versatile in the way it can be mounted. The IRB 140 can be mounted on the floor, inverted or mounted in any angle on the wall.

Another level of versatility is added to the ABB IRB 140 as it has multiple versions available to accommodate a wide range of applications and needs. A customer can purchase the following variants for the ABB IRB 140:

The versatility trend doesn't stop there, the ABB IRB 140 has a myriad of controller options, including the IRC5, IRC5P, S4C, and S4Cplus.

Along with the versatility that the ABB IRB 140 brings to the table, this powerful, compact robot is also able to improve the productivity of any production line by speeding up the application cycle time. By reducing the amount of time it takes to perform each cycle, companies are able to reduce the overall production time, and they are able to get products out to their consumers at a faster rate, which increases their revenue. In addition, there is a full integration of all the cables, paired with the collision detection with full path retraction to help ensure the creation of a safe and reliable system.

If you are seeking even faster speeds with the same reliability, then you may want to consider the ABB IRB 140T. It offers all of the above and more! It works 10% faster and has considerably reduced cycle-times. The IRB 140T works at top high access speeds and accelerations and is paired with unique ABB motion control software, QuickMove. It will be paired with the IRC5 controller. Additional variants for the ABB IRB 140T are as follows:

  • ABB IRB 140TF (Foundry Plus 2 Protection)
  • ABB IRB 140TCR (Clean Room)
  • ABB IRB 140TW (SteamWash Protection)

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