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The Motoman HP6 NX100 Offers Speed and Superior Performance


Motoman HP6 RobotThe Motoman HP6 is perfect for arc welding and material handling automation. The HP6 industrial robot is a powerful and dynamic high-speed solution that works with up to 6kg in payload. It has built-in collision avoidance allowing closer robot proximity. This robot also has one of the widest working envelopes in its class with a 2,403mm vertical reach and 1,378mm horizontal reach. In order to provide a powerful, yet slim design, Motoman installed Advanced Sigma (Σ) motors. 

The Motoman HP6 will be paired with the advanced, high-performance NX100 Controller. This controller can control up to four robots at a time. Multi-robot control minimizes integration costs, enables maximum productivity, simplifies programming, and eliminate the risk of robot collisions. This controller also features four security levels of password protection, a Windows® CE programming pendant (color touch-screen display), fast processing, easy-to-use INFORM III programming language, and robust PC architecture. Offline programming is also available through the MotoSim EG simulation software option.

You don't have to worry about it taking up your work space as this 6-axis robot requires minimal installation space. The HP6 is highly flexible as and offers multiple mounting options (floor, shelf, or ceiling) and four additional versions. The high-speed short armed HP6S provides a 1597 mm vertical reach and 997 horizontal reach. The shelf mounted HP6R provides a 2437 mm vertical reach and 1528 horizontal reach.  The HP6RS is a combination of the two. Finally, the HP6T is an overhead gantry mounted robot.  

We have plenty of experience integrating HP6 robots onto factory floors for multiple applications. You can check out a couple of case studies examples from companies in Missouri and Texas. Both of these companies were able to see the benefits of the slim design of the HP6 base, waist, and arm. We also provide the RobotWorx Value Package with each robot system purchased from us. 

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