Working in Confined Spaces with Motoman Compact Robots

Motoman compact robots, such as the MH5F and the MH5LF, ​help a manufacturing line create the same power and productivity with minimal floor space. These two robots are compact, slim, and can produce great range in motion to accomplish a variety of application's needs.

Working in Confined Spaces with Motoman Compact Robots


Motoman, like other robotics companies, has developed compact robots to foster work in confined spaces. The MH5F and MH5LF are compact and powerful models designed for small parts assembly, material handling, and packaging. The slim arm design in both models reduces interference between robot tooling and the upper arm. The B-axis range of motion is also improved, while the distance between the B-axis and the Y-axis is shortened, allowing increased carrying capacity.

Motoman’s HP3 industrial robot arm is designed to work in small, compact environments. It is ideal for machine loading and tending, dispensing, and other applications with a 701 mm reach.

The MH6 high-speed robot arm offers exceptional repeatability. The wide work envelope and built-in collision avoidance enhance the arm’s appeal. A small interference radius allows the arm to be placed at the workpieces.

Motoman offers three extremely compact robotic welding systems: The ArcWorld II-50, ArcWorld C-50, and ArcWorld IV-6200SL. The II-50 and C-50 models have reduced footprints of 22%. The controller built tightly into the system allowed for the reduction. Payload capacity remains the same since the slim arm design is built to maintain strength. The IV-6200SL “SlimLine” workcell is 33% slimmer than more traditional arc welding systems due to specially designed positioners.

Motoman’s newest controller, the FS100, is small, powerful, and open. It is designed for packaging, small parts handling, and assembly. It can perform at high speeds and is designed for robots with payloads of 20 kg and under. It is compact and space-efficient, but is 2 to 4 times fasted than the DX100 controller. Supporting a wide range of communication networks, its single controller can support up to eight axes.

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