Working in Confined Spaces with Motoman Compact Robots

Sep 19, 2013

Motoman compact robots, such as the MH5F and the MH5LF, ​help a manufacturing line create the same power and productivity with minimal floor space. These two robots are compact, slim, and can produce great range in motion to accomplish a variety of application's needs.


Motoman, like oth­er robot­ics com­pa­nies, has devel­oped com­pact robots to fos­ter work in con­fined spaces. The MH5F and MH5LF are com­pact and pow­er­ful mod­els designed for small parts assem­bly, mate­r­i­al han­dling, and pack­ag­ing. The slim arm design in both mod­els reduces inter­fer­ence between robot tool­ing and the upper arm. The B‑axis range of motion is also improved, while the dis­tance between the B‑axis and the Y‑axis is short­ened, allow­ing increased car­ry­ing capacity.

Motoman’s HP3 indus­tri­al robot arm is designed to work in small, com­pact envi­ron­ments. It is ide­al for machine load­ing and tend­ing, dis­pens­ing, and oth­er appli­ca­tions with a 701 mm reach.

The MH6 high-speed robot arm offers excep­tion­al repeata­bil­i­ty. The wide work enve­lope and built-in col­li­sion avoid­ance enhance the arm’s appeal. A small inter­fer­ence radius allows the arm to be placed at the workpieces. 

Motoman offers three extreme­ly com­pact robot­ic weld­ing sys­tems: The Arc­World II-50, Arc­World C‑50, and Arc­World IV-6200SL. The II-50 and C‑50 mod­els have reduced foot­prints of 22%. The con­troller built tight­ly into the sys­tem allowed for the reduc­tion. Pay­load capac­i­ty remains the same since the slim arm design is built to main­tain strength. The IV-6200SL Slim­Line” work­cell is 33% slim­mer than more tra­di­tion­al arc weld­ing sys­tems due to spe­cial­ly designed positioners.

Motoman’s newest con­troller, the FS100, is small, pow­er­ful, and open. It is designed for pack­ag­ing, small parts han­dling, and assem­bly. It can per­form at high speeds and is designed for robots with pay­loads of 20 kg and under. It is com­pact and space-effi­cient, but is 2 to 4 times fast­ed than the DX100 con­troller. Sup­port­ing a wide range of com­mu­ni­ca­tion net­works, its sin­gle con­troller can sup­port up to eight axes.

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