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The RobotWorx Difference At RobotWorx, we know that you have a choice of robotic integrators when you are looking to automate an industrial application. We also understand that it is more than just purchasing a product that you look for in an integrator. RobotWorx offers customers the whole package. From the first call or inquiry to after the robot system is in production on your floor, RobotWorx is there for you.  RobotWorx has been assisting our customers in improving their ROI for over 20 years.
Stay Competitive with a KUKA High Accuracy Industrial Robot! Today’s competitive industrial economic environment demands that manufacturers build the highest quality products as cheaply as possible. Chances are that your company has spent a lot of time figuring out the most cost-effective, leanest way to manufacture your product. What is the best way to do this? Reorganizing the work floor? Maybe. Motivating your employees? Possibly. A new direction in your manufacturing process? You’re on the right track.
Three Automation Advantages That Can Save Your Company In an economy where factories are closing, jobs are being outsourced, and companies are struggling to stay afloat, any advantage that can be gained from a new process needs to be considered. Industrial automation and the use of industrial robots provide three key advantages that help industrial companies stay in business and be competitive. Increased Productivity and Lean ManufacturingIndustrial robots and robotic systems work at a pace set by the user.
Robotic Technology at Your Fingertips... Literally! Members of the industrial robotics community can now keep current with RobotWorx deals, discounts, and prizes in a new way. We wan to make sure that our customers and friends can keep up to date as simply as possible, and that is why we are announcing the new RobotWorx Text Message Club. Our text members receive exclusive promotions for industrial robots, workcells, and robot parts every month in their cell phone's text message inbox.
Motoman Robotics Releases MyMotoman Monitoring With Motoman Robotics' new MyMotoman Remote Monitoring Service, companies can choose when, where, and what to use to check in on their robotic equipment. MyMotoman utilizes cloud computing technology which allows users to access the service using only an Internet connection and their unique login information. This remote support service makes it possible for owners of Motoman robots to be aware of any alerts and production issues right when they are happening.
How Robots are Meeting Machining Challenges Machining encompasses a number of different material removal applications, such as milling, drilling, chamfering, and deburring, performed by power-driven machine tools. Most typically metal but also plastic and wooden objects require machining to achieve the right shape. Machining applications pose a number of tough challenges. However, industrial robot technology has been able to effectively meet each one.
RIA Mid-Year Stats: 41% Increase in Robot Orders The Robotics Industries Association just released its mid-year report on North American robot orders and it is safe to say the robot industry is thriving. In fact, the past quarter was the strongest the industry has seen in six years! The mid-year statistics showed a 41% increase in robot orders when compared to 2010. North American businesses alone placed orders for 8879 robots. Orders from companies outside of North America raised the total to 10,476 robots (representing $667.
RobotWorx Establishes Partnership with Robotmaster Distributor RobotWorx is working with Robotmaster software supplier, In-House Solutions Inc., to provide customers with exceptional workcells for tough applications, machining in particular. The newly established business partnership takes full advantage of each company’s strengths. RobotWorx builds and supports the robotic systems and In-House Solutions Inc. handles the Robotmaster programming and support.
Accomplish More with a Robotic Plasma Cutting System Want a plasma cutting answer that will be able to easily adapt to changing products, production goals, and new technologies? Then it is time to consider a robotic plasma cutting system. Only robotic plasma cutting systems provide customers with the versatility they need to compete. Flexibility: Robotic plasma cutting systems are much more versatile than fixed automation such as CNC machines.
How To: Install An Industrial Robot Your shiny new industrial robot arrives at your facility. Now what? 

 As with many other tasks, it's important to have a checklist to follow when installing an industrial robot. We are happy to provide a step-by-step list of what to do first, second, third, what to remember, what to watch out for, and more.
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