Extraordinary Performance Accomplished by the MultiPurpose Motoman UP20-6

The Motoman UP 20-6 XRC brings its 6-axes of high speed productivity to help reduce your cycle times and bring great money savings to your production line. The UP20-6 is a streamlined robot, helping to save your floor space and also improve part accessibility. The Motoman UP20-6 can tackle a wide range of applications such as arc welding, assembly, packaging, palletizing, cutting, and more.

Extraordinary Performance Accomplished by the MultiPurpose Motoman UP20-6

Motoman UP20-6 Robot

The Motoman UP 20-6 XRC is a high-speed robot that has 6-axes to help with dynamic acceleration. These speeds help to reduce your cycle times, ultimately saving your company money. Additionally, it is streamlined with a small footprint, saving your space on your production line! This compact design allows for close placement to the work piece holding fixture for improved part accessibility.

The Motoman UP20-6 offers extraordinary performance in such a wide variety of applications; it could be considered the king of versatility in the automation world! This robot can accomplish handling, arc welding, assembling, packaging, palletizing, grinding, polishing, gluing, sealing, cutting, deburring, spraying, painting, and machine tending applications.

For added versatility, the UP-20-6 can be positioned horizontally or vertically. This robot also has a great payload and massive work envelope, able to work behind itself and below itself. The UP20-5 has a 1,885mm (74.2") reach and offers a payload of 6kg.

The Motoman UP20-6 was intentionally built with Advanced Sigma motors to produce power while maintaining its smooth, rapid motions on demand.

The UP20-6 is paired with the XRC controller that allows for fast processing and user-friendly programming with the INFORM II language. The XRC delivers higher performance than other Pentium-based controllers. It also uses patented 'multiple robots synchronous control' which allows this controller to control up for four robots for maximum productivity. There is great software that enables built-in collision avoidance and a manual break release switch, both of which help this robot comply with current safety standards. You can look forward to using the award-winning, lightweight, 5.7 inch LED user interface teach pendant that was ergonomically designed and includes Windows-like menus display for ease.

All robotic systems comes with the RobotWorx Value Package. If you are looking for a reliable robot to seamlessly tackle your next job, then contact us here, or by phone at 740-251-4312. We are eager to help increase the quality and ROI on your production line after purchasing a Motoman UP20-6.

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