The Robot Market: Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

As one of the fastest growing industrial robot companies, Motoman robotics continues to impress and innovate as seen with their new robot models. Yaskawa Motoman Robotics offers manufacturers a variety of robotic solutions for a wide range of applications.

The Robot Market: Yaskawa Motoman Robotics


Yaskawa Motoman is a robotics company that offers more than 175 different robot solutions to cover many manufacturing applications.

Motoman has grown to the second largest robot company in the industry since its inception in 1989. Since that time, this robotics company has installed over 35,000 industrial robot arms and systems.

As one of the fastest growing robotic automation companies in the world, Motoman is continually innovating and engineering new robot models. They offer several different robotic series, including the DX, EA, UP and HP series, along with workcells, controllers and teach pendants.

If you are looking for a material removal robot, the DX1350 may be the perfect Motoman robot for you. This model offered up by Motoman Robotics company is perfectly suited for sanding and grinding applications because of its structure and accuracy.

Those searching for the perfect arc welding robot, the EA1400 may be the right fit. This model, along with its many variations, will increase your welding speed and accuracy, improving the superiority of your welds.

The HP20D will easily process all your packaging, machine tending, cutting and dispensing applications. The robot company has engineered three variations that have reach and payload capacity variations, along with a 0.06mm repeatability.

The Motoman robotics company offers several of these models with different end effectors which increase the versatility of the robotic arms, increasing their application possibilities while decreasing the cost to the manufacturers.

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