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Protecting Officers with Police Robots


Police robots

Picture source: science.howstuffworks.com

Robots have helped improve many industries from manufacturing to health care and now they are looking to fight crime.  Many police forces are now using police robots for dangerous situations such as disarming bombs or hostage situations.  A police robot can handle the most dangerous situations, keeping police officers out of harms way.  

Police robot applications are controlled by officers at a safe distance by remote control or a laptop computer.  Police robots typically use tires or treads to maneuver, allowing them to handle all kinds of terrain.  They also come equipped with a robotic arm with several joints, allowing them to reach in places that humans cannot.  They also come with cameras and speakers that allow police officers to assess situations and communicate with suspects and victims.

Police robot applications are most commonly applied to bomb removal, as some robots are even made to withstand explosions.  The robotic cameras are used to evaluate the situation, then when a bomb is detected the robot arm is used to remove the bomb to a clear area to be disarmed.  Police robots can also be used as surveillance systems as they can assess an unsafe area while the police officers watch on a computer from a distance.  This allows the officer to gather information from the police robot.  Police robots can also be used to deliver food and water to hostage victims, while capturing video footage for the officers to help rectify the situation.

RobotWorx is happy to see robots are playing roles in other industries besides manufacturing and that they are able to keep people out of danger in those settings as well.  We know robots have helped protect industrial workers from hazards and we are glad to see robots are now doing the same for our police forces.  

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