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Arc Welding Robots Offer Reliable ROI


arc welding robotics

First-time robot buyers may see arc welding robots as intimidating and risky. One look at projected ROI stats puts a stop to the anxiety.

Arc welding robots offer considerable ROI (Return on Investment) advantages. While the initial investment may seem sizeable, it dwindles in comparison to the financial benefits of incorporating arc welding robots.    

Speed: Arc welding robots offer consistently quick cycle times. This in turn can dramatically increase your productivity, efficiency, and throughput overall. One robotic welding system can do the work of four welders.  

Reliability: Arc welding robots offer tremendously accurate welds. Higher quality welds improve overall part quality.

Savings: With arc welding robots, less waste material is created. This conservation of supplies will save your company considerably.

Safety: Robotic arc welding systems take the brunt of the flash, sparks, etc. That means you save on insurance and avoid costly accidents.

 Use this equation to figure out your ROI:
 ROI= [(x+y) 4-z] t

 x- welders rate per hour / y - equipment cost per hour / z - robotic system cost per hour / t - 2080 hrs per year.

For a more detailed analysis, plug your numbers into the ROI Calculator. Not sure which robot to purchase? Our team of experts at RobotWorx is ready to offer their advice online or 740-251-4312.