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6 Steps to Selling a Fanuc Robot

Not sure about the best way to sell a Fanuc robot? Take it one step at a time with RobotWorx' simplified approach to selling.
Sell a Fanuc Robot
RobotWorx is always looking for new and used Fanuc robots to buy. If you are selling a Fanuc robot, don't miss out on the best prices on the market! 

  1. Contact Us:
    Call a RobotWorx acquisitions specialist at 740-251-4312 and/or use this online form to submit your bid request.
  2. Share the Info:
    Describe the robot you are selling and send information about and photos of its condition.
  3. Get Appraised:
    RobotWorx will fully appraise the robot paying the most attention to the condition of the robot manipulator and control cabinet. The top bids go to robots with few to no cosmetic or mechanical damage.
  4. Accept Bid:
    Once you receive a bid for your Fanuc robot, the next step is yours. RobotWorx offers the best prices in the robotics market. In fact, we pledge to pay 10% more than any competitor.
  5. Receive Money:
    RobotWorx makes sure your payment is sent quickly. We allow our customers to choose between a check by overnight mail or a wire transfer.
  6. Send it Off:
    RobotWorx will arrange for packing and shipping your Fanuc robot.
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