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Aluminum Welding Cell Surpasses Expectations

A company in search of an aluminum welding cell found the ultimate solution with RobotWorx' RW1000 system.

This compact, efficient welding workcell offers a ton of built-in versatility. RobotWorx was able to easily tailor this flexible workcell to suit this customer's specific needs.

The Goals:
In this particular case, RobotWorx outfitted the robotic cell to perform precise weldments on aluminum DOT 39 pressure tanks. Aluminum welding can be tricky anyway (because aluminum melts easily) and this customer required the result to be cosmetic and precise.

OTC AX-V4Additional goals included cutting down on wasted materials and conserving time. The aluminum welding cell had to match up with all safety requirements and take up little floor space.  

The Robot:
RobotWorx' engineers chose to install an OTC Daihen Almega AX-V4 robot at the heart of the RW1000 aluminum welding cell. This nimble welding robot achieved the right aluminum welding results while cutting cycle times dramatically. OTC AX-V4 has a payload capacity of 4kg and six axes of movement. A DP400 welding package provided for every welding necessity.

Accessible Design:
Two stationary welding tables provided ample space for fixturing and welding the non-refilllable pressure tanks. RobotWorx engineers achieved two goals when they placed a sliding door in front of the positioner tables - easy part accessibility and worker protection. A common base with forklift pockets makes this aluminum welding cell easy to relocate.

Safety First:
The RW1000 aluminum welding solution was designed to ensure complete safety for workers and robotic equipment. The cell is completely enclosed with hard fencing. This shields the surrounding area from arc glare and sparks. Interlocks on all doors provide another layer of protection. This RW1000 aluminum welding system also featured an operators station for direct control.

Watch RobotWorx' precision aluminum welding cell in action!

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