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Lean Robot Cells with FANUC Dual Check Safety

Dual Check Safety (DCS) Position and Speed Check software is truly revolutionary. This option from FANUC Robotics allows a robot to safeguard itself without relying on the extra trimmings and trappings of safety hardware.

Instead, FANUC DCS uses the robot's own hardware and software features. 

With DCS, robots are internally restricted to specific zones and speed is more closely monitored. With fewer safety peripherals and improved robot control, workcell configurations can be tighter, simpler.

Benefits of Dual Check Safety Software

Save on Hardware
Without internal safeguarding such as DCS, workcells are controlled solely by external hardware components - limit switch, cam systems, area scanners, light curtains, etc. These hardware items can be expensive and complicated to integrate with each other and the robot. With DCS, many of these external safeguards are no longer required. 

Save on Space
Traditional guarding takes up more space. DCS streamlines cells, restricting a robot's movements only to the operating space. FANUC's innovative software option makes it possible to build extremely flexible and compact workcells.

More Than One Zone:
Robots aren't limited to just one zone of safety either. Multiple safe zones can be turned on and off with a little help from a safety PLC. This flexibility allows for workers to safely enter and exist robot work areas. This level of flexibility exists already, however DCS makes this type of configuration much easier to establish.  

FANUC Authorized System Integrator RobotWorx offers DCS to its customers as a way to conserve workcell space and minimize reliance on hardware safety features. For more information about using FANUC Dual Check Safety in your workcell, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312.  

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