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Turning Used Robots into Worktable Positioners

RobotWorx is using parts from older robotic arms to build workcell positioners. The lower section of the robot (typically axes one and tow) is flipped and integrated to have a second life as the base of a worktable. The resulting positioner is green, affordable, and most importantly, reliable.

***VIDEO: RobotWorx Reconditioned Positioners***

Eco-Friendly: This is a great way to maximize the use of very part of older industrial robots and limit waste. The older robot models RobotWorx chooses to recycle in this manner require parting out for different reasons. Sometimes they have worked in rough conditions or been overloaded. The bottom section is then reworked and retrofitted as a positioner. The upper arm and all other components that can be salvaged from the original robots are then added to RobotWorx' inventory.

Affordable: Retrofitted worktable positioners are sold for half the cost of brand new models. This fits with RobotWorx preexisting approach, which is to lower overall workcell costs by decreasing the cost of various components. The retrofitted positioners help to dramatically reduce the cost of robotic systems for RobotWorx' customers.

Reliable: RobotWorx technical staff thoroughly reworks and cleans the used robotic parts prior to integrating them with a tabletop. The result functions just as well as a brand new version while costing much less.

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