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Vision Robots

With all the material handling, material removal and automated quality control applications out there today, precision and accuracy are necessary for standardization and repeatability. That is where vision comes into play, either as a stand-alone system or integrated with robotics.

Robot vision is a feature developed in the 1980s and 1990s. Engineers developed a way to program a robot to "see". With vision, the robot is programmed with an algorithm, and a camera either mounted on the robot, or in a static position, takes pictures of each work piece that the robot will interact with. If the piece does not match the algorithm, the piece is rejected -- the robot will not interact with it.

Vision can also be used in a non-robotic way. Cameras can be placed on the conveyor line, and pictures can be taken and compared to the loaded algorithms to accept or reject products for quality control, sending them one way if accepted, and another if rejected.

While vision could be utilized for any robot application, currently, it is mostly used in material handling and material removal applications for accuracy in packaging, pick and place, deburring, grinding, etc.

If you have a used robotic system and want to incorporate vision, then consider contact RobotWorx for more information. RobotWorx experts take pride in their knowledge of refurbished systems and will get you set up with the perfect vision system for your used robot.

Are you interested in the benefits that vision adds to your robot applications? Want to learn more about what vision paired with robot automation can do for your processes? RobotWorx' engineers will help you integrate vision to your robot choices, as well as walking you through placement, lensing and lighting to maximize the productivity of your vision application.

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