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Changing the Manufacturing Industry with Robotic Sales Growth


Since the time of their invention in the late 1950s, industrial robots have slowly but surely gaining their place in the manufacturing world. As a matter of fact, they have continued to steadily gain their place since the 1980s. This growth in industrial robotic sales does not seem to be slowing down. As a matter of fact, according to one recent study, it seems to be speeding up.

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), there will be a large boost in industrial robotics for manufacturing – possibly a 30% boost overall. The study also shows that this boost of robotics in the manufacturing workplace will cut down on labor costs as much as 18 percent. The BCG study estimates that the growth is driven by improvements in robot performance, along with their steadily falling prices.

An article in Drives N Controls from the UK stated that the industrial robot proportion of manufacturing tasks is currently only around 10%, but that number has the ability to rise exponentially throughout the next decade, topping out at 25% in 2025. There are several countries that could improve their cost effectiveness dramatically by automating now.

While prices of traditional robots are falling by a rate of almost 5% a year, in some cases, there are any entire new breed of robot out there as well. These robots are lower cost and friendly to humans, which cuts down not only on price, but also on accidents in the workplace. That is not the only positive effect. By integrating robotics into your workplace, you are giving your workers new marketable labor skills.

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