New Motoman Robots: ArcWorld C-50 Series



Want to transform production with little to no disruption? Consider these pre-engineered turnkey cells.

Motoman built the ArcWorld C series to increase space and performance efficiency. Incredibly compact, these workcells are only 3,857mm x 2,075mm and stand 2,902mm at their tallest point.

Four Configurations
 Available with four different configurations, the C series includes both single ArcWorld C-50 and dual station ArcWorld C-52 versions. These workcells have fixed tooling set-ups, but both are available with one or two MH-150 headstock positioners, indicated with an "s" - C-50S, C-52S.

 Speedy Arc Welding Robot
 The ArcWorld C-50 series is centered around the SSA2000 arc welding robot. The SSA2000 is a lightweight model that moves with "super speed," handles a 3kg payload, and reaches 1,390mm horizontally. Advancements in motor control allow for its quick, precise movement.

Safety Environment
 The ArcWorld C-50 cells offer the ultimate in safety for equipment and operator. Roll-up doors shield the operator when the system is working, and provide access to the system when it is stopped. Internally routed cabling in the SSA2000 robot eliminates a tripping hazard.

Control Center
 The ArcWorld C series is powered with the latest in Motoman controls, the NX100 Controller. Incredibly user-friendly, the NX100 has an extensive memory that can store up to 60,000 steps and 10,000 commands. It is protected with passwords and has an Ethernet port.

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