Rowlands Wins at Pan American Championships: RobotWorx Sponsorship Update

RobotWorx is proud to sponsor heavyweight wrestling champion Tommy Rowlands as he trains for the Olympics. Here is the latest news:   
OSU assistant wrestling coach Tommy Rowlands continues to win his way closer to a place on the 2008 Olympic wrestling team. He just defeated Cuban wrestler Alexis Rodriguez and won gold at the Pan American Championships in Colorado Springs, Colo.
"He is a 7x World Medalist, and considered one of the better heavyweights in the world. This was one of the best wins of my career, and builds great momentum going into the Olympic qualification process. I am motivated to begin my next training phase, as the countdown to the U.S. Open on April 25th begins now!"
Tommy said he plans to participate in the Northeast Regional on April 4th as part of his preparation for the U.S. Open. "I think it is important to keep that competitive edge as you gear up for an important event, and the best way to do that is to compete." 
Rowlands said he would like to go to the Ulan Ude Tournament in Russia, but he doesn't think it would be wise to embark on such a rigorous trip this close to the U.S. Open.
In the meantime, Rowlands' training continues to be more and more strenuous: "I am beginning a very difficult training phase, courtesy of Lou Rosselli. He made a huge difference in my training, and I have full trust in his ability to take me to the level that I need to be at to win GOLD. Ross Thatcher has also been an integral role in my preparation. He is there to help me stay accountable to the level of intensity that is necessary every single day."
Rowlands is on track for the 2008 Olympic trials which take place in June.

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