Addressing the Future of Robotics


Ever since the first robot entered a factory in the 1960s, robotics has continued to move forward. This progress has not only changed the functionality of the robots but has also changed the way industrial operations are performed. In early July 2015, Keith Wanner, President of RobotWorx, addressed Scott Technology and RobotWorx’ employees about where this industrial robotic progression is moving now and in the future. Wanner covered four areas – collaboration robots, mobile robots, warehousing robots, and pick and pack robots. 

Wanner talked about collaboration robots because they are the talk of the industry right now. These robots are changing the way humans look at automation because now humans are able to work next to robots without fencing. The robot is designed to run slower, with no pinch points, and they are sensitive enough to immediately stop if they touch anything. This will enable humans to work alongside them, now and even more so in the future, and possibly work “hand-in-gripper” to get the job done.

Another type of robot discussed was the mobile robot. While many people may envision these robots walking around like humans, Wanner stated that it is more likely that shelf robots will be moved to automatic guided vehicles for motion purposes.

The final two types of robots Wanner talked about were warehousing robots and pick and place robots. These two types of robots working together now and in the future to package, move, and load boxes during the transportation process. Wanner stated that they are muck needed for today’s global market, especially when a product has to travel a long way to get to a consumer’s hand.

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