Celebrating 25 Years with a Grand RobotWorx Open House


On August 4th, 2017, RobotWorx' doors burst open with pride for it was time to celebrate 25 years of grand success. The facility in Marion, Ohio opened to the public at 8 a.m. to begin the celebratory tour of the facility!   Over 125 people of all ages filled the facility with their smiles, passion for robotics, and wonderful curiosity. The kids brought some of the widest smiles and best questions, anxious to see how automation worked. Aaron French, an 11 year old who has been a part of robotics programs said, "I knew since I was 3 that I wanted to be a robotics engineer and one day own my own robot company." We hope that our event was able to further foster that passion for robotics and confidence that his future in robotics is bright!

We also had a special guest, Mayor Scott Schertzer, join the celebration. County Commissioners and the Marion Township both declared August 4th, RobotWorx Day. What an honor that was! Other visitors included manufacturer partners, vendors, local businesses, education programs, university representatives, and locals. Janelle Wanner, Marketing Manager, also enjoyed the days events, "RobotWorx has put so much effort into our community and we are so grateful for the tremendous turnout! Watching how this company started and how it has evolved over the 25 years is a true testament to the American Dream. I'm excited to see how we will continue to grow and thrive in our industry!"

As guests walked into the facility they were greeted at the door and then led through the entire facility to gain incite into everything RobotWorx has to offer. The four hour open house was full of incredible robotic exhibits! The employees at RobotWorx made sure they were able to experience it all; from fabrication, gripper customization, the RobotWorx reconditioning process, and inventory, the guests did not want to blink!  

RobotWorx experts also lined up all the manufacturers that we integrate, FANUCMotomanKUKAABB, and Universal Robots, and showcased what they were all about! A representative from Universal Robots was in attendance and excited about the new partnership. Justin Wyatt, a UR Sales Development Manager, said, "Universal Robots is excited to partner with RobotWorx as our newest Certified Systems Integrator. Their recent Open House celebrating 25 years in business clearly showcased their ability to provide industry leading solutions. We enjoyed confirming our vision on the future of automation, anticipate more innovation from this great company, and look forward to our partnership to advance the field of collaborative robotics."

The tour didn't stop there! There were also material handling application robots in action shown on a track and in a palletizing environment.  Furthermore, the robot workcells were also showcased proving how the entire package, from robot, teach pendant, to safety, is important and seamlessly works together to create an amazingly efficient system.

RobotWorx also brought out a few of their very special robots that were in the Spotlight due to their former jobs in Hollywood or the likes; one was used in the Spider-Man 2 movie and another in the 2010 Knight Rider TV series.

To commemorate the 25 year anniversary celebration, RobotWorx placed a 25 year old robot that was signed by all current employees for a permanent display in the RobotWorx facility.  This robot will continue to be a reminder that hard work pay and dedication to customer service pay off to create a most successful automation company. John Niznik, Reconditioning Supervisor, shared his love and passion for the company, "It is a privilege to work for a company that gives so much credit to their employees for its success. They show the support not only verbally but also through events, such as the 25th Anniversary, that include the families of each employee. I’m thankful to have worked for a man of character such as Keith Wanner whose desire was to make certain that the employees that made him a success were taken care of when he decided to sell. I’m confident that under the direction of SCOTT Technology the future is bright."

At the end of the tour, there were delicious refreshments for people to enjoy while they were able to reflect and talk about all of the wonderful ways RobotWorx has helped people build better companies and more efficient production lines.  

RobotWorx truly would not be where it is today without the support of its customers and surrounding community. We are forever grateful for the relationships we have built over the last 25 years and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us! Former owner and creator of RobotWorx, Keith Wanner, was ecstatic to come celebrate and stated the same sentiment, "It was a great honor to be invited back to RobotWorx to celebrate their 25th anniversary and to take part in the ceremony declaring August 4th as RobotWorx Day. With SCOTT Technology owning RobotWorx now, they have tremendous potential and a very bright future.  I'm looking forward to returning for the 50th anniversary." 

If you have any questions about this event or robots that we offer, contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312.

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