National Robot Safety Conference

RobotWorx representatives believe robotic safety to be paramount for automation planning and success. Our experts do everything we can to stay current and up-to-date on all of the trending safety topics and issues. This year, two RobotWorx experts were sent to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the RIA National Robot Safety Conference.

The NRSC offers guests valuable insight into robotic safety and industrial machine and robot standards. It provides attendees an in-depth overview of current industry standards and the ability to attend conference sessions and workshops enabling further examination of key issues in robot safety. The National Robot Safety Conference welcomes engineers, robot system integrators, technicians, industrial safety professionals, educators, environmental, health, and safety professionals, aerospace, assembly, automotive, electronics, packaging, semiconductor, etc.

It helps people from all of these different backgrounds to stay competitive in a quickly advancing technological society. The NRSC helps you benefit from any new safety items, develop winning strategies to further enhance your competitive edge, connect with others in the industry, learn more about collaborative robots, and further deepen the knowledge on the latest trends in robot safety.

The 2017 conference had new additions to its line-up such as cybersecurity, more user panels (traditional, collaborative, and mobile), and a track especially for EHS professionals. Everyday was filled with something to help company employees stay sharp and on top of all safety topics. For instance, Steve Catt from ARM Institute presented on "Education and Workforce Development: A Perspective from the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM)." Roberta Nelso Shea of Universal Robots gave a presentation on "Introduction to Collaborative Robot Safety: 15066/TR 606."

Robot professionals attending the conference can further their safety knowledge base with great reviews of the standards such as an overview of the industrial robot standard ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 (ISO 10218-1,2:2011), a review of other ANSI and ISO standards that pertain to robots and industrial automation, and collaborative robot safety considerations, including information on TR 606 (ISO TS 15066).

Also, they can enhance their technical know-how by learning how to select proper safeguards for your robot cell, learning more about functional safety and safety circuit design, and also the best way to conduct a risk assessment. 

RobotWorx experts take pride in their safety knowledge and look forward to passing on what they have learned at the NRSC to their customers. RobotWorx is a certified integrator for several different companies, including FANUCMotomanKUKA Universal Robots, and ABB. Our staff will work with you to get you the best system for the best price. For more information on automation, contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312.

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