New Robotic Training Carts For Rent

RobotWorx Yaskawa Motoman Educational Training Carts

To meet increasing demand, RobotWorx engineered three new training carts specifically for our rental program. These carts can function for R&D, and/or training. Each cart comes with standard components and has process upgrade options available. The carts come fully assembled and ready for use, giving you the opportunity for training and education in a controlled setting.

Research and Development

RobotWorx recently completed a project using one of our training carts to test the feasibility of a new manufacturing process before installing the full-scale version into the customer’s facility. Our technicians worked closely with the client and proceeded to successfully demonstrate a concept process that could be used in the actual production setting.

Using a training cart to test your process allows you to test the feasibility and make design improvements without the cost of a full-scale system.


Our training carts offer clients the ability to train employees to operate robots, on a smaller scale, with the bonus of not affecting production. In addition, our rental program allows clients to train operators and programmers on their actual generation of robots, offering them the benefit of training with the software they will interact with daily.

Our Rental Program

RobotWorx offers rental options for a large variety of applications and flexible leasing options that fit everyone’s needs. To learn more about renting a training cart or other robotic systems. Contact us or call 740-251-4312.

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