RobotWorx Establishes Partnership with Robotmaster Distributor

RobotWorx is working with Robotmaster software supplier, In-House Solutions Inc., to provide customers with exceptional workcells for tough applications, machining in particular.  The newly established business partnership takes full advantage of each company’s strengths. RobotWorx builds and supports the robotic systems and In-House Solutions Inc. handles the Robotmaster programming and support. This collaborative approach, with each company providing their expertise, truly benefits the customer.

Robotmaster software

RobotWorx sought out the partnership in answer to increasing demands for milling and other machining robot cells. Robotmaster is an off-line programming software package that is compatible with a variety of 6-axis industrial robots. This versatility made Robotmaster an attractive option for RobotWorx, an official integrator for FANUCMotomanABB, and KUKA.

The Robotmaster software package effectively translates CNC data. Robotmaster is one of the only CAD/CAM programming options designed for industrial robots. It effectively allows companies to experience the best of both the CNC and robotic worlds. Robotmaster not only uses familiar language, but it capitalizes on the flexibility of industrial robot design. Ideal for trimming, welding, milling, painting, and many other application needs, the Robotmaster off-line software package offers customers control, time-savings, and precision performance.

Off-line programming options such as Robotmaster minimize downtime and prevent costly accidents. Programs, configurations, cycle times, call be simulated and tested off-line, without having to interfere with existing systems. Plus, robots are fully programmed remotely without any need for teach pendant-based programming.

For more information, contact RobotWorx experts online or at 740-251-4312.

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