Scott Automation+Robotics Wins PACE Zenith Award!


Scott Automation & Robotics, RobotWorx' sister company, keeps on racking up the awards! They just won the PACE Zenith Award for their innovative mining solution known as ROBOFUEL! Scott Automation & Robotics is an award winning team that is dedicated to serve the customized needs of production-critical companies with world-class automation and robotic solutions. 

The PACE Zenith Award is a way to honor companies for their unique innovations and contributions to Australian engineering. It is given to companies based on their successes in the process control and automation industry. Scott Automation & Robotics  has seen resounding success and solved many mining industry problems with their unique ROBOFUEL solution. This is a great achievement for Scott Automation & Robotics; RobotWorx could not be more proud to be a part of this family.

So what is ROBOFUEL? A system that uses a state-of-the-art vision sensing and detection system to aid in the accurate, safe, and autonomous refueling of mine trucks.

The current refueling process is a tedious and timely task that must be overseen. It also causes lost production abilities as trucks can spend up to an hour a day driving to and from off-site refueling stations. It addition, the process can be dangerous as the fuel operators have to work around the truck's wheel base and could be exposed to hazardous liquids. 

ROBOFUEL changes everything as it allows the robot to locate the position and orientation of the truck’s fuel tank. This information is used to couple the fuel nozzle with the tank, while also minimizing fuel spillages controlled coupling, pumping and monitoring. 

This system ultimately helps to increase productive hours and efficiency of trucks, a short payback period, and deployment models that can be supported by either capital or operational initiatives.  It is able to minimize the risk of environmental contamination as the orientation of the truck's fuel tank and nozzle are established by the vision and detection systems. 

In addition, ROBOFUEL can constantly work with the site as it is fully portable and can be shifted anywhere on the mine developments allowing it to be placed exactly where it is needed.

It is easy to see why Scott Automation and Robotics took home the gold under the “Mining and Minerals Process Control" category. ROBOFUEL has truly saved time, energy, money, and perhaps even, lives. Congratulations SCOTT, here's to many more! 

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