Unmatched Speeds and Verification with the RX Unit Pick Workcell


Customer and industry pharmaceutical demands have requested that automation industries offer a product that can help reduce delivery costs and response time for order fulfillment processes, while also offering a modular system that is compact and easily integrated into current layouts, equipment, and software.

Enter the RX Unit Pick Workcell.

If you are looking for a way to increase the speed and intelligence of your fulfillment operation, then look no further than the RX Unit Pick Workcell. This workcell guarantees 100% NDC verification while also handling a huge variety of prescriptions.

"100% validation at high speed with unlimited items is a major breakthrough in materials handling," explains David Peters, CEO, Universal Robotics. "This workcell is an example of the extreme performance capabilities of Neocortex. It has advanced random bin picking through the use of artificial intelligence to provide absolute drug safety to the customer."

No matter the size of your company or operation, the designers of the RX Unit Pick Workcell believe they have created a workcell that can offer a pay back within one year, an incredible ROI

If you aren’t convinced of the amazing benefits yet, you must continue reading! The RX Unit Pick Workcell is a completely automated robotic pharmacy order fulfillment system that can handle thousands of specific, pre-packaged, medicine for mail order delivery or to fill for central locations. It is designed to seamlessly handle high volume units-of-use items that have a pre-packaged quantity of a prescribed drug, ready for dispensing, that only requires labeling.

It was the industry leaders that came together to create the perfect trifecta. These minds came up with a perfect, high-flexible, automated prescription handling solution: RXAS's long time expertise in automation, Universal Robotics' Neocortex artificial intelligence, and Yaskawa Motoman's speed and agility with the MH-12 robot. The RX Unit Pick comes complete with the aforementioned robot, process automation equipment, vision, artificial intelligence, and safety equipment.

The Neocortex artificial intelligence uses machine learning-based 3D vision which aids in recognition and identification of various medicines such as bottles, tubes, cartons, and/or unique shapes.

Yasakawa Motoman brings the MH-12 robot to the workcell. This robot is the fastest in its class and is paired with a FS100 controller, custom gripper, PLC, sensorts, safety devices, and operator screen.

RXAS brings the integration together with its software suite to help the machine and process control to run smoothly with all of the equipment, inventory software, and order processing.

All of these elements help the RX Unit Pick Workcell to pick prescriptions 25% faster than competitors, at a rate of 850 picks per hour, with 100% verification. The verification ensures that each item is recognized, ensures its unique National Drug Code (NDC), orients the item, and identifies a safe labeling zone for automated patient labeling. Each item can be up to 8” x 6” x 4” and 2.5 lbs.

Take a quick look at video below and watch the RX Unit Pick handle 850 prescriptions per hour with 100% verification.

It is now plain as day, there is no better answer for your prescription automation than the RX Unit Pick Workcell. At RobotWorx, customer satisfaction is key, so we offer a warranty and offer free training on every robot and workcell purchase.  Contact RobotWorx online or give us a call to talk to our experts about how we can help add value to your production line today; 740-251-4312.  

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