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What are the details of Section 179 Federal Income Tax Deduction?

The 179 Federal Income Tax Deduction has the potential to save you thousands while creating opportunities for expansion and savings. File for this deduction and benefit from your robot purchase. 

Tax deduction available for selling a robot$25,000 Tax Write-Off:
This deduction allows a company to subtract the first $25,000 of equipment purchased in 2014 from their taxable income. Although this is much lower than last year's limit, it will still save you substantially!  This means you can write off up to $25,000 in equipment purchased OR leased this year as long as you place it into service this year.  

Use Tax Savings to Make Payments:
Companies purchasing equipment could see their tax savings cover their first year's leasing payments. Equipment leases that include a $1.00 buyout option qualify for the federal section 179 deduction. Companies may also be eligible for additional state and local tax deductions, plus interest deductions.


The Senate JUST pased the HR 5771 "Tax Extenders Bill" in mid December.  It allows the restoring of the 2010 tax deduction of up to $500,000.00!  The bill only applies to the year 2014 - not 2015.  It requires that equipment must be delivered, placed into service, and accepted in 2014.  No exceptions.  Time is running out to take advantage of this huge tax write-off.  Act now!

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