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What are the advantages of factory automation robots?

Factory robotic automation is the process of integrating industrial machinery for tasks such as welding, material handling and assembly. Adding automated robotic systems to a factory has many advantages. It saves money, increases production, and creates higher-quality parts.

Integrating automated robots into a workplace generally requires a high initial investment, but the ROI time is minimal. To combat this issue, many companies are turning to reconditioned used robots. This allows the company to purchase a larger quantity of robots. A reconditioned automated robot offers the same automation benefits as a new robot.

factory robotsThe advantages of having automated robotics in a shop are numerous:

Improved labor productivity
Reduction in cycle time and floor space utilization
Quality and reliability improvement
Consistency in processing
Reduction of waste
Lower production costs

How can RobotWorx help?

RobotWorx is an industrial robot integrator of new and reconditioned robots from the top robot manufacturers such as Motoman, FANUC, Kuka and ABB. Find your factory automation robot by contacting our sales department at 740-251-4312.

If you have a robot that is no longer used for factory automation, contact our acquisitions department or call us at 740-251-4312. We offer top dollar for used industrial robots.