What Are Robotic System Integrators?

Robot integrator

Integration is the process of programming and outfitting industrial robots so they can perform automated manufacturing tasks. Robot integrators are companies that will analyze your robotic system needs, provide a plan for automation, and put the automation into production.

As a robotic systems integrator, RobotWorx is able to:

  • Perform a feasibility study on your project
  • Identify the correct robot, tooling, work cell for your application needs
  • Provide helpful cost-saving tips
  • Provide training on programming your robot system and work cell
  • Help incorporate the system into your factory setting

A robot integrator provides you with the complete package and guides you towards industrial automation. Each RobotWorx system includes a warranty covering parts and labor.

RobotWorx integrates new and reconditioned robotic systems from brand name manufacturers. Browse our inventory of FANUC, Motoman, ABB, Universal, and KUKA robots or call our sales line at 740-251-4312 for more information.

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