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Popular Robot Models
Motoman EA1400N
Motoman EA1400N
Reach: 1390mm
Payload: 3kg

FANUC M-710iC/50 R30ia or RJ3iC
FANUC M-710iC/50 R30ia or RJ3iC
Reach: 2050mm
Payload: 50kg

Motoman UP6 XRC
Motoman UP6 XRC
Reach: 1373mm
Payload: 6kg

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What are some common industrial robot names?

Industrial robot names are typically created by using by the manufacturer, series, and model number. These three divisions help distinguish today's industrial robots.

  • Industrial Robot Manufacturer NamesManufacturer Name - The most common industrial robot manufacturers in North America are Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA, but there are many other robot companies.
  • Series Name - Each robot company has its own approach to naming series or robot lines. Some series names are connected to application, such as Motoman's CR (clean room) robots. They can range from acronyms to entire words. Other manufacturers append letters to the end of the model name, such as FANUC's Toploader Series. These robots have the letter "T" appended to the end of their model name.
  • Model Name - Within each series, individual robots are distinguished by model names. Model names are typically associated with payload, like the Motoman SK 6, whose payload capacity is 6kg. Models are sometimes given even more distinction by adding an additional letter to denote specific characteristics of that robot. These letters can be related to mounting specifications, build, controller, etc. The FANUC R-2000iA/125L has a 125kg payload, but the L indicates that this robot is a long arm version.
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