Does RobotWorx Provide Robot Repair Services?

RobotWorx provides technical support with every robot system we sell.  Our first priority is to our system customers, beginning with over-the-phone and email correspondence for proper diagnosis; followed by hands-on field service as necessary.

Robot Repair

Technical Support

Robot Repair Over the Phone:

RobotWorx offers technical support over the phone for the lifetime of your robot system. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions about robot repair or general maintenance concerns. We'll help you troubleshoot, or walk you through a procedure.

Services Covered By Warranty:

RobotWorx robot systems are covered with full warranties. Our all-inclusive warranty extends to parts and service needs. Return your robot system to our facility and we'll take care of any repair work.  

Service in the Field: 

If you'd rather have a robot expert on-site, we're more than happy to send one of our technicians to your facility to handle any robot repair needs. Call 730-383-8383 for service rates and any additional questions.

Robot Parts

RobotWorx carries new and used robot parts, for anyone to purchase.  We offer inexpensive, high-quality parts that ship quickly from a variety of manufacturers.  Need a robot manual?  We have a full selection of them in stock as well.

Contact: RobotWorx' robot repair services are just a call away.  Call our robot technicians at 740-251-4312.

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