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How do I sell my robot?

Selling Made Easy
There are five simple steps to selling robotic used equipment to RobotWorx. As a full-service integrator and robotic refurbishing company, we offer fast, direct service and top prices. RobotWorx evaluates the quality of each robot used based on quality of the control cabinet and robot manipulators.

sell a used robot

Step One: Contact Customer Service
The robot sales process begins with the service department. Customer service representatives at RobotWorx are very accessible; call 740-251-4327 or visit our quote page for fast and knowledgeable assistance.

Step Two: Send Information 
Following the initial phone or email communication, RobotWorx may require additional information about your robotic equipment. Companies are often asked to e-mail photos of their used robots. Other times, an agent may request to visit your facility. Visit our appraisal sheet for more information about the criteria we use to evaluate robots. 

Step Three: Receive a Bid 
RobotWorx guarantees a competitive bid. We promise to beat any other company's offer by 10%!

Step Four: Fast Money
Once the bid is accepted, RobotWorx promises quick payment. Our service department can arrange for a wire transfer or send a check through the mail.

Step Five: Shipment
RobotWorx arranges for shipment to our facility. We may even send a technician to prepare the robotics used equipment for shipping.

Sell Your Robot Fast!