Why select a remanufactured robot?

Re-manufactured robots are used robot models that have been returned to factory condition. Highly reliable and affordable, re-manufactured robots provide a terrific automation solution.

RobotWorx' remanufactured robots sell for as much as 50% less than new robot models.  RobotWorx provides a warranty on parts and labor as required by the customer.

why select a remanufactured robotThe Re-manufacturing Process

Each robot passes through a multi-step examination and reconditioning before they are deemed ready for sale.

Inspection - RobotWorx technicians take stock - scrutinizing the robot's belt assembly, joints, wiring, bearings, battery, and motors.    

Repair - If any robotic component looks or functions less than perfect , we replace it.   

Testing - Robots are not considered remanufactured until they have successfully passed extensive performance testing of repeatability.   

Cleaning -  Re-manufactured robots are thoroughly cleaned prior to sale. At RobotWorx re-manufactured robots are cleaned with dry ice.  

Repainting - Every re-manufactured robot from RobotWorx is carefully repainted. 

For pricing and information about re-manufactured robots, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312.

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