What Tips Should I Follow For A Seamless Integration?

Many factors contribute to the success of an integration project. Robotics and tooling possibilities are increasingly complex. RobotWorx communicates directly with every client to understand every need. This helps us avoid mistakes and guarantees project completion.

RobotWorx is an expert at understanding every step of a robot integration project. We take time to answer every question and help our customers steer clear of mistakes. We will help you make the right robot integration choice the first time!

Robotic Integration

Avoid These Common Application Mistakes:

Biting off more than you can chew.

A robotic system's capabilities can be exciting, causing a designer to overwork the robot. By giving the robot too many tasks, a designer often makes the system too complex, which can cause cycle time failure. An overworked robot is difficult to program and can lead to processor malfunctions.

Incorrectly estimating cycle time and payload.

Incorrect robot payload estimates can lead to repeatability problems and cycle time failures. Sometimes customers forget to include the weight of the End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) when calculating the payload. If the weight is outside the acceptable range, this could cause repeatability problems and even harm the arm. For successful results, all aspects of EOAT should be carefully considered.

Not considering the application from every possible angle.

Planning should be part of every robot integration project. Every application requires many considerations, some which are hard to plan for, especially if this is your first robot system or a new application. Not considering every element of an application can lead to costly failures.

Confusing repeatability and accuracy.

These two factors have distinct meanings that should not be confused. An accurate welder may be able to repeat the same process, but a repeatable welder may not be accurate. Accuracy has to do with the mechanical tolerance of the arm and how accurately it can get to a specific point. Repeatability is the variability of the EOAT position and orientation as the robot makes the same moves under the same conditions.

Not considering the cable routing around the robot.

Sometimes the cable wiring for the robot, peripherals, and end of arm tooling can restrict robot movement. This causes failures and costly downtime. Cable routing and the use of proper cables should be a major consideration in every automation project.

Forgetting the mechanic when buying a robot with a familiar controller/software.

Many choose a robotic system based on how familiar they are with the controller and the software. By choosing a system that seems to be less complex because you know the software and the controller well, you can actually be complicating things for the mechanic. Not taking this into consideration may lead to lengthy robot downtime and costly repair.

Forgetting to think about teach pendants and other peripherals.

One common mistake is failing to include the teach pendant and other small peripherals. This can cause a lag in system installation.

Overlooking the return on investment (ROI) of a robotic system.

Robotic systems are becoming more affordable and more adaptable to various applications. With a robotic system, companies can save money, increase quality and throughput, and reduce labor costs. The benefits that come from a robotic system should not be overlooked. You can easily calculate an estimated ROI here.

Refusing robot training.

Robot training can be seen as a tedious task, but it benefits customers to receive training on the robotic arm and become familiar with all of the different options available for the robot model. Skipping this training is a common mistake made by companies trying to save time.

Focus in on one robot model.

Every robot brand and model has different characteristics. Robot models have various reach and payload capabilities. It's a mistake to focus on one brand or system simply because it's familiar.

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